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Frequently asked questions

If your question and answer is not listed below please contact Lullababy, we update this area as new questions arise.


  • Can breast-fed babies sleep as long as bottle fed babies?
    Yes this can definitely be achieved.

  • Can my baby sleep in my bedroom?
    Yes this does not need to change.

  • Will my baby sleep better at night if I reduce their day naps?
    No, this will make night sleep worse - the more day sleep a baby gets , the better they sleep at night.

  • How soon can we start?
    Usually within 48 hours, sometimes 24 hours.

  • Are cot mobiles and light shows a good idea?
    Only if you are happy to get up to turn them back on each time your baby wakes at night.

  • Will your sleep plan work if we are often out?
    Yes. But for the first week, stay home as often as you can so your bub can learn as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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