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Lullababy Baby Sleep Specialist Services

Baby sleep under 6 months

A custom-written sleep guide for babies under 6 months that will encourage babies to learn to self-settle and happily sleep long stretches of time.  This comes with 10 days unlimited phone/email support from 8am to 8pm WA time 7 days a week. 


Baby sleep over 7 months

A baby sleep plan written for your family only after consultation with Julia.  Then 7 days support from 8am to 8pm 7 days a week.   Phone/text in at least once a day - 10 times if you need or want to.    Implement your new routine following simple daily steps and guidelines, clearly laid out for you in writing.



What To Expect...

Babies over 8 months can learn to sleep 10 hours straight at night.  

Babies under 6 months can go from waking hourly to 3 hourly then 5 hourly. – parents can improve their new babies sleep by learning my settling techniques and working a routine. 

It can take from a day to 3 weeks for change to occur.

Long periods of uninterrupted sleep are important for babys' maximum growth and development – as are day sleeps that last more than 35 minutes.

Your first consultation is at no cost - contact Lullababy.




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