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When my daughter was 5 months old I decided I’d had enough of the stress and the time it took to get her to sleep at night. We would feed Hannah, rock her, put her in bed, she’d wake, we’d rock her again, sometimes for 40 minutes. When she started waking an hour after bedtime, we went looking for help and found Julia on the internet and booked an immediate start.

It was as if Hannah had been waiting for us to let her learn to sleep because on the second night she was asleep in 3 minutes IN HER COT at 7.45pm and we didn’t hear her again until 7.30am. Her day sleeps went from 30 minute naps to a 2 hour morning sleep and an hour in the arvo. Julia was as excited as we were – she was warm and supportive every step of the way. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Grace and Paul, Brisbane


Thank goodness we came across Lullababy. At 11 months Ben had never slept more than 4 hours at night. From the first phone call Julia reassured us we were doing the best we knew how and she explained why our baby was waking often in the night It made total sense. We had to put in some work to help Ben to sleep independently and after a week it paid off – we heard Ben wake and grizzle then HE PUT HIMSELF BACK TO SLEEP. You’re an angel, Julia, thank you.

Helen and David, Melbourne


People told us that it was normal for new babies to be unsettled, to cry a lot and to be awake for hours at a time. So when Julia told us we could help our little boy sleep more and that too much awake time is often the reason for a newborn’s unhappiness, we were willing to give it a go. Especially because she assured us we wouldn’t use controlled crying as a tool. We had some difficult days then it started to come together, Jack began sleeping for 2 hours in the day and woke just once at 1am for a feed. The best thing was he became so much happier. Thank you!xxx

Megan, Townsville


We discovered Julia when our little girl Charlotte was 3 weeks old. Charlotte was awake most of the day and cried for a lot of this time. After a day Julia expressed concern that Charlotte appeared to be hungry. Our doctor got me onto lactation medication and we committed to Julia’s settling techniques and routines - 2 weeks later Charlotte had transformed into a happy little girl who spent more time asleep than awake and much less time crying. At 7 weeks of age she slept a 10 hour stint in the night (because I heard her wake, told my hubby I’d get her but we all fell back to sleep until 7am!) She has slept all night almost every night since.

Elizabeth and Michael, Perth


Our baby was 12 months old and had never slept through. We were disbelieving when Julia told us Maria would sleep 11 hours by the third night on her sleep plan.

And that we wouldn’t be doing controlled crying. It was with great excitement that on the morning of day 3 we phoned Julia to tell her we had heard Maria wake then put herself back to sleep without us! We recommend Julia to everyone.

We rang her before our second baby was due to get a newborn plan, and once we got the reflux managed Tristan was a dream sleeper.

Kate and Steve, Melbourne


Julia asked us for a testimonial for her website – we were more than happy to write this. Our 6 month old daughter was easy to get to sleep but in the day she only slept 30 minutes and woke crying, and she was up at least 5 times in the night. My husband and I were exhausted. If we’d known it would take 6 days to change our lives and get our baby sleeping more than an hour twice a day AND that she could go 11 hours at night without needing us we would have booked Julia months earlier. Now we want more babies. You are a blessing Julia.

Sally and John, Perth

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